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Common Sizes of Steel Buildings

At Sentry Builders, we understand that finding the perfect steel building for your needs begins with selecting the right size. Through years of experience and customer feedback, we’ve identified a range of common sizes that meet the diverse needs of our clients. Not only do these sizes cater to a variety of uses—from workshops and garages to retail spaces and agricultural storage—but they also come with the advantage of special pricing. Thanks to the pre-existing engineering and design work, we’re able to offer these popular dimensions at competitive rates.

Our Most Requested Steel Building Sizes


Ideal for small businesses, workshops, or personal storage, the 30x40x12 steel building provides ample space with a manageable footprint. Its 12-foot height accommodates a wide range of activities and storage requirements, making it a versatile choice for many of our customers. Learn more and find out about 30x40x12 steel building pricing HERE.


A step up in length, the 30x50x12 offers additional space for those who find the 30×40 just a bit too snug. This size is perfect for automotive shops, small manufacturers, or anyone in need of extra room for equipment and materials without compromising on efficiency. Learn more and find out about 30x50x12 steel building pricing HERE.


With the same footprint as the 30x50x12 but with an increased height, the 30x50x16 is designed for operations requiring more vertical space. This could include RV storage, agricultural equipment with tall profiles, or businesses needing to install lifts or cranes. Learn more and find out about 30x40x16 steel building pricing HERE.


The 40x50x16 steel building expands both in width and height, offering a substantial area for medium-sized businesses, warehouses, or community centers. This size supports a broad spectrum of uses, providing the flexibility to customize the interior layout to suit specific operational needs. Learn more and find out about 40x50x16 steel building pricing HERE.


Our largest common size, the 40x60x16, is tailored for those requiring significant space for manufacturing, large-scale storage, or multipurpose facilities. Its generous dimensions ensure that even the most extensive operations can be accommodated comfortably, with room for growth and adaptation. Learn more and find out about 40x60x16 steel building pricing HERE.

Why Choose Our Common Sizes?

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Special pricing on these common sizes means you can get the space you need without breaking the bank. Pre-existing designs reduce the overall cost, passing savings directly to you.
  • Quick Turnaround: These common sizes can be delivered and constructed more quickly, getting your operation up and running sooner.
  • Versatility and Customization: Despite being common sizes, these steel buildings can be customized to meet the unique requirements of your project, ensuring that you get a space that truly works for you.


The Sentry Builders Promise

Choosing Sentry Builders means partnering with a team that prioritizes quality, customer satisfaction, and efficiency. We’re dedicated to providing steel buildings that not only meet but exceed your expectations, with the flexibility to serve a wide range of applications. Whether you’re choosing one of our popular common sizes or need something more customized, our team is here to guide you every step of the way.

Contact Sentry Builders today to learn more about our common sizes of steel buildings and how we can help bring your project to life. With special pricing available and a commitment to excellence, we’re ready to help you achieve your vision with a steel building that fits your needs perfectly.

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