Steel Garage Building in Glendale

In Glendale Steel Buildings used as Garages are very popular. The clear span design of a rigid frame building is an ideal space. Above is and example of a 30x40x12 building we built in Glendale. For... Read More »

40x50 Steel Building Arizona

One of the most popular buildings we erect is the 40x50 ft. steel building.  As a licensed contractor in the state of Arizona, we have built dozens of these steel buildings in all different sizes... Read More »

Queen Creek AZ Custom Metal Buildings

Custom built metal buildings by a local contractor in Queen Creek AZ, the east valley and all over the state. A metal building fits just about any need. They are suited for all types of uses, and... Read More »

Pre Fabricated Steel Buildings in San Tan Valley AZ

Version:1.0 StartHTML:0000000167 EndHTML:0000005071 StartFragment:0000000457 EndFragment:0000005055 Here is an example of some of the steps invloved in Pre fabricated steel buildings with rigid... Read More »

Steel Buildings Pre-Engineered Gilbert AZ

Once you've determined the size building to fit your lot, what features your building require and your budget, the turnkey project begins and we the contractor handle everything. A basic... Read More »

Metal Buildings Pre Engineered Scottsdale AZ

  Looking to start you next building project with a pre engineered metal building. The picture above is one of our recent projects just outside Mesa AZ. All over the state, these cost effective and... Read More »

Steel Barn Buildings Phoenix AZ

Steel Barn Buildings are perfectly suited for outdoor needs in the Phoenix AZ valley area. Whether you need a storage shelter in Gold Canyon, a place to put up animals in Scottsdale, or an... Read More »

Rigid Frame Metal Buildings Apache Junction, AZ

  Rigid Frame metal buildings can be a big asset for anyone needing storage space, new workshops, detached garage, or a place to park your RV. These rigid frame buildings have the versatility to be... Read More »

Pre-engineered metal building Mesa, AZ

  A great experience with a Pre engineered metal building starts with selecting the proper building for your needs. Pre engineered steel buildings come in all sizes and can be designed for nearly... Read More »

Steel Garages Mesa, AZ

  Sentry Builders is thrill to offer Brand New pre engineered steel garages, delivered straight from the manufacturer to you. Whether you're needing to shelter your car, or high end toys like ATVs,... Read More »

Steel Buildings San Tan Valley, AZ

  What can you expect from a pre-engineered steel building?   Durability: Unlike wood, metal doesn't warp or crack, or deteriorate the way stick-frame construction does. These buildings stand up... Read More »

Time Needed to Erect a Metal Building Mesa AZ

  A big question of anyone purchasing a metal building is how much time is needed for it to be built. This example from Mesa AZ shows the amount of time needed to erect a metal building.   This is... Read More »

Rigid Frame Metal Buildings Chandler AZ

  Rigid Frame metal buildings have continued to become more and more popular throughout Phoenix and Chandler AZ area. Instead of serving only as airplane hangers and warehouses, rigid frame... Read More »

5 Stages of Erecting a Steel Building Phoenix AZ

      We would like to show you 5 stages of erecting a steel building. We've erected buildings in the phoenix valley and all over the state. Each of these is steps is crucial to ensure the... Read More »

Schedule for erecting a Steel Building Mesa AZ

    We're excited to be moving forward on another building here in Mesa AZ. Looking at the schedule for erecting this steel building, should go up pretty quickly. The picture above was taken... Read More »

Steel Garage Building Queen Creek AZ

  For car enthusiasts in Queen Creek AZ, having a detached steel garage building can be one of their greatest investments. The garage on many peoples houses tend to be used for anything other than... Read More »

Pre Engineered Steel Buildings Gilbert Arizona

    Whatever it is your looking to build in Gilbert AZ or throughout the state, a pre engineered steel building can meet your needs. These structures can be complex or simple, big or small. Pre... Read More »

Steel building prices in Queen Creek AZ

      The best deals and steel building prices in Queen Creek, AZ, or anywhere else are what everyone looking to buy a steel building hopes to find. Many of those who have purchased buildings... Read More »

Arizona New Steel Buildings Chandler, AZ

  Here in Arizona, steel buildings new and delivered straight to you property is the best option for your new workshop, barn/shelter, RV storage, and more. These structures can be as plain or as... Read More »

Steel Buildings Professionals in Queen Creek, AZ

    Rigid Frame steel buildings can be a huge asset for property owners needing storage space, new workshops, barns, or a place to park your RV. These pre-engineered buildings come in nearly any... Read More »

Time needed to Construct a Steel Building Scottsdale, AZ

  A critical part of any construction project is the time it takes to complete. Here is an example showing the amount of time to construct a steel building in AZ.   After you have contacted a... Read More »

Metal Building Rigid Framing Construction Mesa,AZ

    Recognize some of the different types of rigid frame design when deciding on the steel building which will be ideal for your purposes. Every type has some unique advantages as well as certain... Read More »


      We'd like to show you some of the reasons pre-engineered metal buildings deliver the best building value. Simply put, the best building deal is steel: 1. Faster building process... Read More »

Advantages of choosing a Steel Building Phoenix AZ

    As time goes on, Steel structures have been and are continuing to be valued for their strength, security, versatility, resistance, and durability. All these characteristics and descriptions,... Read More »

Prices of Steel Buildings in Queen Creek, AZ

  One of the first things a lot of people ask when looking to buy a steel building is, “What's the price?” Everyone wants to get the best deal for their hard earned money, especially because an... Read More »

Metal Buildings erection schedule in Gilbert AZ

      Bright and early, excited to be getting started on another project in Gilbert AZ. This is the start of a pre-engineered metal building, with the rigid frame to be bolted together and... Read More »

Pre-engineered Steel Buildings Florence Arizona

  Pre-engineered Steell Buildings in Florence Arizona The picture above shows one of the pre-engineered steel buildings in florence arizona that Sentry Builders has erected. This is a 24 x 30ft... Read More »


  STEEL BUILDING SAVINGS in San Tan Valley AZ   Before you purchase a Building, and pay a supplier for a steel building package with huge savings, here are some things to consider. There are FIVE... Read More »

Commercial Pre-engineered Steel Building in Phoenix AZ

  Pre-Engineered steel buildings aren't only the storage sheds, or workshops someone builds behind their house. The versatility of steel construction makes it perfect for any type of building,... Read More »

How much are steel buildings Queen Creek AZ

  Steel Buildings 40 x 50 x 14 So how much to steel buildings cost in Queen Creek AZ, or anywhere else for that matter. Steel buildings can be used for any number of purposes, from barns to... Read More »

Metal Building Construction Costs Arizona

  When you're getting ready for your BIG project, it's important to know all the facts about the real metal building constructions cost in Arizona. Seriously it's a big project to build that new... Read More »

Pre-engineered Metal building Scottsdale AZ

  Did you know that you can save almost half on your building expenses by choosing to erect a Pre Fabricated Metal building in AZ over conventional construction? Add to that exceptional durability,... Read More »

Steel Building Boot Camp in AZ

Given the opportunity, I went down to a job sight in AZ to work as an erector on a project of five buildings. I arrived about half way through the whole process, finishing the sheeting on the second... Read More »

tips on selecting and building a prefabricated steel building in Mesa Arizona

       Prefabricated Steel buildings have become the best choice for many consumers and business owners wanting the ideal new structure. These buildings are affordable, durable, faster to erect,... Read More »

Building a Pole Barn Chandler, AZ

  Something that many people don't realize about pole buildings is the variety of possibilities that they can be used for. These uses include, shops, arenas, barns, garages, or... Read More »

pre-engineered steel garage building in Phoenix AZ

  Have you been thinking of ideas for your new project, prefabricated steel garage buildings are a great option. A steel garage building is a great addition to any business. It doesn't matter how... Read More »

Steel Building Construction in Queen Creek AZ

    Clearspan Buildings Clearspan buildings allow for the maximum use of interior space, which is particularly important in manufacturing plants, warehouses, offices, and retail stores where... Read More »

Rigid Frame Steel Buildings San Tan Valley AZ.

  Endwall Considerations It's important to recognize the different types of endwalls when designing you steel building. Each has its own advantages and special considerations to be taken into... Read More »

Advantages of Steel over Wood Construction

  Greater structural strength and integrity Steel building components are manufactured to very rigid standards and specifications. There are no “seconds” or substandard materials in a... Read More »

Steel Building Prices Scottsdale Arizona

  If you’re like most people, the first question you ask when considering a steel building is, “What does it cost?” We all want the best bang for the buck, especially when it comes to an... Read More »

Residential and Commercial Builders San Tan Valley AZ

Sentry Builders, a Steel Building Contracting Company with over 30 years experience in building quality. With completed projects all over the state of Arizona.Licensed, Bonded and Insured for both... Read More »