Embarking on the path to purchase a steel building in Arizona? Equip yourself with vital insights to navigate potential pitfalls. Here are the 5 traps you need to be aware of:

1. Don’t get pushed into a “deal”

Don’t succumb to the pressure of a hurried deal in the Arizona steel building market. Say no to pushy sales tactics that aim to rush you into signing or depositing without adequate consideration. Your decision should be well-informed, not driven by a salesperson’s urgency. Remember, the rush might be more about their commission than your satisfaction.

2. Check local building codes and regulations

Owning land in Arizona is just the beginning. Local building codes and regulations play a crucial role. Consult with Arizona’s local planning and zoning boards, flood control, and environmental agencies. Ensure you have the necessary permits before construction to avoid fines and the potential need to remove your Arizona steel building post-construction.

3. Know your needs before you buy

Define your needs before diving into the steel building market. Whether it’s for an RV, storage, or a workspace, it’s important to know your dimensions before talking to a salesperson. Measure twice, build once. Consider the right size doors, windows, and ventilation that align with the unique demands of Arizona’s climate. Understanding your requirements ensures your steel building seamlessly fits into the Arizona landscape.

4. Know what’s included and what’s not included

Don’t be caught off guard. Understand precisely what your purchase covers. Sometimes, essential elements like doors, insulation, engineering plans, or even the concrete foundation might not be included. Avoid surprises by clarifying what’s part of the package and what comes with an additional cost in your Arizona steel building project. Imagine the headache if a truckload of steel beams arrived at your house with the expectation that YOU would be the one unloading them.

5. Don’t make unreasonably high deposits

Be cautious when it comes to upfront deposits in the Arizona steel building market. Some companies may request unreasonably high amounts, covering costs and a significant portion of their profit. A deposit exceeding 25% of the total price might diminish their incentive to ensure that you are satisfied with your steel building project. Strive for a fair deposit that aligns with the overall scope of your Arizona steel building endeavor.

Navigating the steel building landscape in Arizona doesn’t have to be daunting. Armed with these insights, you’re well-equipped to make informed decisions and turn your Arizona steel building vision into a reality.

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✅ Complete steel building package with engineered plans
✅ Steel delivery and unloading
✅ Concrete engineering and construction
✅ Permit submission and requirements verification (permit fees not included)
✅ Overhead AND Walk-through doors
✅ Insulation
✅ All construction labor and equipment

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