Time Needed to Construct a Steel Building Scottsdale AZ


A critical part of any construction project is the time it takes to complete. Here is an example showing the amount of time to construct a steel building in Scottsdale, AZ.


After you have contacted a reliable contractor and have decided to move forward with the project, they can help you by getting the building permits and engineering done to meet local requirements. The building design is released for production and that takes anywhere between 6-8 weeks. The pieces are then made, grouped together and shipped to the your property or construction site. 


During that 6-8 week period, things are still moving forward. If you have opted for a “Turn-Key” project which includes everything from the ground up, then construction will have already started. The site is surveyed and leveled, footings dug with steel reinforcement put in place. The footing for the foundation and the concrete slab are poured together with anchor bolts positioned for the framing components.

Then comes the exciting day that the steel package arrives on site and the erection process can begin. The steel frame goes up, with the walls plumbed, and the girts and purlins add for the walls and roof. The walls are sheeted first, then the roof, with the insulation strips going up at the same time between the exterior metal sheets and the frame.


The trim around the building gives a finishing touches. Now again, if this is a turn key project, there will be other additions included, such as overhead doors, windows, walk-through doors, gutters/downspouts, etc.


While this process is fast, it is also efficient. The crews get the building up with precision and expertise, and they get it right the first time. This helps to avoid delays and other issues that would slow down the process.


A contractor that is with you all the way, from the start of the project to the last day of the job, can help to keep down the amount of time to construct a steel building, and it will make all the difference in your building experience.


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