Time Needed to Erect a Metal Building Mesa AZ



A big question of anyone purchasing a metal building is how much time is needed for it to be built. This example from Mesa AZ shows the amount of time needed to erect a metal building.

This is a “Turn-Key” project which means the contractor hired for the project will oversee all aspects of the construction.

Initial Phase

  • The Building is designed to meet engineering specifications and local code requirements.

  • Building building is released for production. Within 6-8 weeks the metal building package will be on site ready for erection.


For the contractor, that 6-8 week period is the time for laying out site for the concrete foundation, and making sure everything will be ready to begin erection when the building package arrives on site.


  • Footings dug around the perimeter with steel reinforcements installed.

  • The footings and the concrete slab are poured

  • Anchor bolts positioned for the rigid frame to be bolted to the foundation.

  • Foundation is complete and the steel package has arrived, the erection begins.

  • The large rigid frame pieces are mounted in place on the concrete foundation.

  • Girts and purlins are added which make up the walls and the roof.

  • The walls are sheeted first, then the roof

  • Insulation strips are fastened between the metal sheets and the frame.

  • Trim is installed around the building giving it a good finishing touch

  • All other additions, such as overhead doors, windows, walk-through doors, gutters/downspouts, etc.


The crews erect the building with precision and expertise. This both time and money, making sure your project is completed on schedule and on budget.

Having an experienced contractor who is with you all the way will make all the difference in the amount of Time Needed to Erect a Metal Building

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