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For car enthusiasts in Queen Creek AZ, having a detached steel garage building can be one of their greatest investments. The garage on many peoples houses tend to be used for anything other than cars. If the owner does park their car inside, it has to be positioned just right in order for themselves or their passengers to get out and around it. Perhaps this isn't your situation, but we have all at one time had to “clean out” our garage. 


It's amazing how quickly and easily it can become a catch all for practically anything. Camping gear, holiday decorations, bicycles, assorted hardware tools and yard care items. This hardly leaves any space to work on or caring for your car.

A detached steel garage building on your property means more space and less clutter.

Sentry Builders is a licensed contractor offering steel buildings and garages that are pre-engineered and built to last. These structures are far more cost effective that traditional wood framed buildings and are built in a fraction of the time. The steel buildings are clear span, meaning that the weight of the building is born up by the walls with no interior supports. This leaves the inside space free for work, movement and be enjoyed. With all this extra space on your property, you have the option of moving you cars to your new garage, or let the new steel building be used for storing all the stuff that used to take up the garage.

However with this brand new building, thats attractive, durable and well insulated to keep out the heat or cold, you'll probably choose it for your new work space and leave the old space for the other stuff. Protecting and caring for whatever toys you have is a big priority. From cars to motorcycles, to boats or even RV storage, a steel garage building will fit your needs, whether in Queen Creek AZ or anywhere else, statewide.


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