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What can you expect from a pre-engineered steel building?

  • Durability: Unlike wood, metal doesn't warp or crack, or deteriorate the way stick-frame construction does. These buildings stand up to just about anything.   

  • Safety: Wood is great, but even a well built, long lasting wood frame building is susceptible to fire. With no danger of fire damage, steel buildings are more safe and easier to insure.

  • Energy efficient: With the quality of the insulation that we have in our steel buildings, keeping the heat and cold out is no problem at all. If you walk into the shady interior of a steel building on a July afternoon with temperatures over 100, and you will be amazed at how comfortable it is inside. So much less energy is required to keep it cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

  • Speed and ease of construction: Steel Buildings are pre engineered with all the components already made and ready for erection. Once the foundation is poured and finished by our amazing crews, the entire steel package is on site and goes up immediately.

  • Green construction: Metal is a much more sustainable material than wood. Advanced technology allows steel to be used reused over and over again. A huge benefit to the environment.

  • Versatility: The steel buildings that Sentry Builders have erected over the years have been custom car garages, RV storage buildings, airplane hangers, farm and industrial storage & utility, as well as commercial building jobs in the Phoenix Valley and all over the State of AZ.

Most importantly, you can expect superior craftsmanship, attentive customer service, and attention to detail from Sentry Builders. We are proud of the work buildings we've erected and maintain a standard of quality and professionalism that exceeds expectations.



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