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Rigid Frame steel buildings can be a huge asset for property owners needing storage space, new workshops, barns, or a place to park your RV. These pre-engineered buildings come in nearly any size and color to match your plans.

Not only can these buildings be used for different many things, the time it takes to have the building shipped to your property and erected on-site is minimal. Someone described these steel buildings as a large scale “erector set,” with frames that bolt together and are then covered with sheeting on the walls and roof.


Although some people might think this type of project is just like an erector set that most boys have played with, it's just not that simple. In most cases, the building that you want and that will best fit your needs is not the type shed that you and a few of your neighbors and buddies can throw together in a weekend or after hours in your spare time. Even assuming the foundation and slab that the metal building sits on is already in place it's still a lot to take on.


A licensed and insured steel building professional is what's need to make your job an asset and not a headache. As mentioned above, one of the advantages of pre-engineered steel buildings is the speed in which they can be erected. A qualified crew with all the heavy equipment and tools needed can put up a metal building in a fraction of the time required in traditional construction. With a professional contractor that can provide a  "Turn-key,” project is most desirable.   This means the contractor is responsible for the foundation, framing, sheeting and insulation.  They also take care of all the other accessories like overhead and walk-through doors, windows,  concrete aprons and walkways around the building, roof extensions, and more.


Steel Building Professionals in Queen Creek or anywhere else, do much more that putting up the building itself.  They can handle all the work from the ground up; supplying the building package, code compliance for the buildings locality, and will be there to answer questions and address needs that are sure to come up in any constructions process.


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