Steel Buildings Pre Engineered Gilbert AZ


A basic pre-engineered steel building is designed quickly and easily to match the dimensions you need.  Once you've determined the size of building to fit your lot, what features your building require and determined your budget, the turnkey project begins.  


  • Width
  • Height
  • Length
  • Roof Pitch

The metal frames of a pre-engineered steel building that support the structure are all placed around the perimeter. This style of building is referred to as Clearspan metal buildings— with an open interior that requires no interior support columns. They can be as little as 10’ wide or as large as 200’ or more in width.

The height of the building depends on your preferences, as well as the size of the framed openings for any large doors for and RV or other vehicle.

What about length restraints? With this type of pre-engineered steel building system, your new structure can be whatever length you need.

For most workshops and garages, owners opt for less pitch on their buildings roof, making the roofs relatively flat. However, giving the building a more traditional look with a steeper roof pitch (for example a 4:12 pitch used on most residential homes) can make the building more attractive.

For this range of dimensions, only steel is strong enough to bear up the loads of the roofs and additional building components.

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