Steel Building workshop 40x50x14 AZ


Our finished product. This is the interior of a steel building that is going to be used as a workshop. As you can see, the walls are well insulated including the sectional garage door on the endwall. This particular building is in Chino Valley, AZ. It's just north of Prescott. It gets a bit colder in this area that the Phoenix Valley, so a well insulated building is really going to be an asset during the cooler months. We've installed translucent fiberglass light panels that not only let the light in, but diffuse it a bit so that it lights up the inside more evenly. We are pleased with how this building turned out and the owner is glad for a solid new Steel Building workshop he will be using to working on his diesel truck. Let us show you the benefits of steel. Call Sentry Builders TODAY (480) 322-7784


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