Steel Building Construction in Queen Creek AZ

Clearspan Buildings

Clearspan buildings allow for the maximum use of interior space, which is particularly important in manufacturing plants, warehouses, offices, and retail stores where uninterrupted space is required. Size flexibility also pays off outside where optimum land use is an equally important consideration.

Virtually every symmetrical, unsymmetrical, and single slope building size and shape is possible as a standard product. Inside the clearspan building you have almost total flexibility in determining the height, width, and roof slope you want: building widths from 20′ – 150′; eave heights from 10′ – 30′; and roof slopes from 1:12 to 4:12. Building widths of 80′ or less are available with the option of straight columns instead of tapered columns.

Lean-tos are available for future expansion or additional space. A lean-to can be designed to match the eave height and roof slopes of the clearspan building if the building was originally designed to take on the loading of an additional lean-to load. Lean-tos are available in widths from 8′ – 60′, eave heights from 8′ – 30′, and roof slopes from 1/2:12 to 4:12.


The lean-to is ideally suited to give that extra space needed alongside the building. The lean-to ties in at or below the eave of the building and can provide a variety of uses, from just a covered area to a completely enclosed addition to your building. A lean-to structure has only one slope and depends upon another structure for partial support. A lean-to can be located at eave or below eave of the supporting structure.

A lean-to is limited to 60′ wide as standard and only has a straight column at the low side and a rafter. The rafter attaches to the supporting structure’s column. Therefore, it is imperative that the bay spacing of a lean-to equals the bay spacing of the supporting structure.

Endwall guidelines for Lean-tos:

  1. A lean-to with a bearing frame endwall may be attached to buildings having a bearing frame, an expandable main frame, or a non-expandable main frame endwall.

  2. When the lean-to does not extend the full length of the main building and begins or ends at an interior main frame, the bearing frame endwall is the standard condition but also could be a main frame endwall if necessary.

  3. If an expandable or non-expandable main frame endwall is used on both the lean-to and the main building the endwall may be completely open.


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