Schedule for Erecting a Steel Building Mesa AZ


We're excited to be moving forward on another building here in Mesa AZ. Looking at the schedule for erecting this steel building, should go up pretty quickly.

The picture above was taken MONDAY morning. It shows the completed concrete slab with the anchor bolts laid out and the pieces of the rigid frame ready to erect.

By late FRIDAY afternoon, we will be finished erecting this new steel building. We'll have the insulated walls stood and braced, as well as laying the roof. 


This building also includes a roll-up door along with a single man walk through door and windows on the west side.

Once the building is up we make sure have the area around the steel building to look clean and undisturbed when we finished the erection. The owner on this project has most of the lot covered with grass, and we want to make sure that stays nice.

Sentry Builders can erect a metal building for you, that looks great and will provide years of service. Choose Sentry Builders to Supply and erect your building. We work with you to get the project done smoothly, on schedule and on budget. 


Note: the Schedule for erecting a Steel Building Mesa AZ is about the same for any other comparable project we do anywhere in Arizona. The building schedule is determined by the size of the building. This one is 30'x40'x12'. Steel buildings offer exceptional value because the erection time is much quicker than traditional construction. See the benefits of steel for yourself.

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