Rigid Frame Metal Buildings Apache Junction AZ


Rigid Frame metal buildings can be a big asset for anyone needing storage space, new workshops, detached garages, or a place to park your RV. These rigid frame buildings have the versatility to be great for any project. They can be great as any type of structure your need, without having to settle for a one size fits all design or color. Plus, the amount of time it takes for a metal building to be shipped to your property and professionally erected is minimal.  All of the components come with the steel package, requiring very little additional parts or pieces welded or redone. 


Some might see this type of project as an extra large erector set that can just be snapped together, but it's just not that simple. 

Rigid frame metal buildings are built strong and require large equipment to erect. For example, a building that is large enough to house an RV or 5th wheel is not the type shed that you and a few of your friends and neighbors can put together in a weekend.

Its your project , and choosing to hire A professional, licensed contractor isn't just letting someone else do the work for you. The speed and ease of a turnkey project, with one company securing the permits and engineered, providing concrete foundation, metal erection allows you to have the building you want without the headaches that come with building codes, coordinating subcontractors and more.

Rigid Frame Metal Buildings make fantastic projects. We are thrilled to assist you any phase of the construction process from the concrete foundation and slab, to the building itself to all of the accessories like doors, windows, large openings, etc.

We are Sentry Builders, a Steel Building Contracting Company with over 30 years experience in building quality. With completed projects in the east valley, Apache Junction, all over the state of Arizona.


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