Quonset Hut metal building train wreck



Next door to Tom, who is having a pre engineered steel building, his neighbor is having a quanset metal building train wreck. The manufacturer of the quonset metal building told Tom's neighbor, he could put up his building in a few days with some of his buddies. They started on the project and got a couple arch panels put up and bolted off. Everything was going good until a gust of wind kick up, lifting and twisting those panels into a pretzel. Several months later, here we are looking at that same twisted heap. Despite the owners best efforts to get some replacement parts to finish the project, the manufacturer just won't cooperate. Even though the owner is willing pay for the new parts, all they are will to do is sell him a new building.


This is one of the reasons we don't build arch buildings and why we don't recommend them. I don't want to see your new metal building twisted up in a heap on your property.


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