Pre-Engineered Metal Building Scottsdale AZ 

Did you know that you can save almost half on your building expenses by choosing to erect a Pre-Engineered Metal building in AZ over conventional construction? Add to that exceptional durability, superior insulating opportunities and all kinds of accessories to choose from; there should be no reason to consider any other structure for your project.

Pre Fabricated Buildings a great for almost ANY USE.  Sentry Builders has erected pretty much everything. Backyard sheds, RV and Heavy equipment storage, airplane hangers, commercial facilities  and retail stores. 

Whatever you plan to build, you want to make sure your building is durable and appropriately designed structure to fit your needs and esthetic requirements. Ask yourself:

  • What size of building will suit your needs, length, width, eave height and roof pitch. This should not be what some steel building company has as a supposed “special buy”.

  • Do you want roll up doors? If so how many and what size?

  • Do you want to park your truck, travel trailer, fifth-wheel, or class A motor home inside? What is the length and height of these vehicles?

  • How wide do you need these openings to be?

  • Do you want to be able to walk past your 8’ wide travel trailer or your truck while it is parked in the door opening? The height of the openings for these vehicles will determine the height of your building. In most cases the “eave height” of your building will need to be at least 2 feet above your tallest door.

  • How About walk through doors, windows or skylight panels?

  • Do you want a mezzanine or second level in all or part of your building?

  • Do you plan to install a vehicle lift for working on your project car?

  • Do you want to have your building insulated?

  • If you are planning to insulate will you need just enough to buffer the heat and cold or will this be your “man cave” and need a better insulating package?


To guarantee your Pre-engineered metal building in AZ us just what you want it to be, choose a Builder/ Supplier that will work with you every step of the way, from concept to completion, to ensure your project is successful.


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