Metal Building Rigid Framing Construction Mesa, AZ


Recognize some of the different types of rigid frame design when deciding on the steel building which will be ideal for your purposes. Every type has some unique advantages as well as certain considerations to be aware of.


Different Framing Types:

Expandable Frames

Non-Expandable Main Frame

Weight Bearing Frames

Expandable Frames



An expandable frame construction combines standard main frames metal buildings with endwall columns. The endwall columns are not used to support the purlins on the roof, the are used as columns for attaching the endwall girts and shifting the force of the wind load into the concrete foundation and the rest of the rigid frame.

The advantage of expandable frames is that it gives the option of easy expansion in the future. The main frame will carry the load of a full bay with out the need for interior load bearing walls or columns, and can remain in-place when the building is expanded.

Non-Expandable Main Frames

The non-expandable main frames also use endwall columns. However these frames cannot be expanding your steel building is necessary. One of the reasons for this is that these frames only carry the design load of one half of the interior bay.

Both the Expandable and Non-Expandable main frames give more flexibility when choosing locations of framed openings or large entrance doors. By adjusting the endwall column spacing placing these openings can be easy. Since X-bracing or portal frames will not be required in the the main frame endwalls, they don't interfere with large openings.

Weight Bearing Frames

The endwall columns in these frames are generally made of cee channel. The bearing frame will only support half of the roof load of the bay, and cannot be used to expand the metal building in the future.

The endwall columns support the channel purlins and also serve as columns for attachment of the endwall girts and transfer the wind load to the foundation and the rest of the framing structure. Bearing Frames also need some form of bracing, for example: X-bracing, portal frames, or diaphragm action.

Using bearing frames is done for economic reasons. The prices of bearing frame can be less than half the cost of an expandable frame metal building.


Costs to Consider:

These different designs can be interchanged in order to take advantage of specific characteristics that will suit the buildings purpose.

A clearspan expandable main frame can provide an endwall that is completely open (up to 150′ wide). For example, this could be used for a covered truck dock opening at one end of the building. Your can have total flexibility of the locations you choose for your framed openings.

Many times having the choice of interchanging frames and their endwalls will provide cost reductions, which can be up to several thousands of dollars, which is always important for your bottom line.

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