Apples to Apples Comparison - Choosing a Local Contractor


We always encourage our buyers and everyone we deal to hire a local contractor that will be present and accountable throughout the project.

Buying a new steel building is something that shouldn't be taken lightly.  A quality, long lasting Pre Engineered Steel Building is an investment of thousands of dollars.

It's important to choose a reputable general contractor that will serve you during the entire process from ordering the steel package, to permits and engineering, to erecting and completing the finished building, clean and ready for use.  In addition to having all of the equipment, experience and man power to erect your building in a timely manner, a general contractor works with the supplier, provides that the concrete foundation engineering and building the foundation.  Reliable Contractors stand by their work and will answer any issues or concerns that inevitably come up in such a large project and find the solutions to take care of them.

Unfortunately, not all contractors deliver this level of service.   

For your convenience we've put together a list of items and services that you should expect to receive when you hire a general contractor for a turnkey project.  We invite you to compare our prices and services with other companies as you look at the scope of a turnkey project and look for companies to work with.

To receive your free printable copy of our comparison sheet, click on the like below.  Thank you.

Sentry Builders Comparison Sheet

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