Building a Pole Barn Chandler AZ

Something that many people don't realize about pole buildings is the variety of possibilities that they can be used for.

These uses include,

  • shops,

  • arenas,

  • barns,

  • garages,

  • or sheds.

With so many options and uses, there are lots of things to consider before building a pole barn in AZ.  Here is a list of some of the questions that you should have answered at the Building Department of your City/County.

  • Will a building permit be required?

    - In nearly every county or city jurisdictions a building permit will be required.

  • What are the set backs or distance from the property lines for my pole building?

  • Are there height restrictions for my pole building?

  • Where applicable, what is the Snow Load and/or Wind Speed

  • How much excavation need to be done?

  • Whether existing soil removed or new fill added


Getting answers to all of the above questions will help to avoid unnecessary delays

such as:

  • added trips,

  • plan revisions,

  • added plan review fees,

  • plan reproduction fees

Not to mention all the frustration. If you are dealing with a quality contractor he will likely help you through this or will do it for you.


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