5 Stages of Erecting a

Steel Building Phoenix AZ


We would like to show you 5 stages of erecting a steel building. We've erected buildings in the phoenix valley and all over the state. Each of these is steps is crucial to ensure the quality of the finished building.  As a reputable building contractor, Sentry Builders has the crews, equipment and know how needed to complete each stage seamlessly

  1. The concrete foundation. The building layout is determined. Footings are dug around the perimeter for the walls to sit on and the pad for the concrete slab prepped and compacted. When the concrete slab is poured, anchor bolts are positioned at the corners and along perimeter for the large Steel I beams to tied to the foundation.

  2. The first stage of framing is erecting the large steel I beams that will bear the weight of the building and create a rigid frame.

  3. The next stage of framing are the secondary pieces. These are lighter pieces that connect the large I beam frames giving shape to the walls and the roof. These will also be installed around the framed openings that will be used for overhead doors and other accessories.

  4. After the rigid frame is erected, the insulation and sheeting are attached to the girts along the walls and to the purlins on the roof. The walls are sheeted first with the building's insulation sandwiched between the frame and the steel sheets. The roof is then insulated and sheeted. Special attention is given to the roof to make sure the joints of the roof sheets are weather sealed in order to shed water.

  5. After the building is sheeted, the outside corners and roof lines are covered with trim. This is not only to give the building a better look, but helps to keep the building weather proof and comfortable inside. The large framed openings are trimmed and the overhead doors installed as well as any windows, walk through doors or other accessories.

These pre-engineered steel buildings can have as many accessories as you need. These buildings have been used for workshops, office space, storage sheds, and garages all over the Phoenix valley.  They will suit any building need and with just 5 stages of erecting a steel builiding, they go up in a very short period of time.



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